Want to try your hand at gardening? We put together some tips for newbie New England gardeners in this blog post. Get started this holiday weekend with these 10 helpful tips. And don’t forget to water…

newrootsfarm.jpg10 Tips for Beginning Gardeners!

  1. Start your garden with great soil! Add compost and manure to boost nutrients. Also try adding with peat moss to improve aeration.
  2. Spy on your neighbors!? Well… sort of. See what grows well in your area for inspiration in your own garden
  3. Keep it local! Try growing plant varieties that are native to your area. Blueberries and raspberries can do very well in the North East!
  4. Got a balcony? Try an inexpensive container garden by planting in large plastic tubs with holes drilled in the bottom.
  5. Don’t want to dig up the lawn? Use several pots of various heights bunched close together outside to create a beautiful array of edible leafy greens or flowers. All without lifting a shovel!
  6. Keep a small waterproof container near the garden to hold an extra pair of tools and gloves. Trimming and weeding is a lot easier with the right tools. Keep them handy!
  7. Add minerals to your potted plants by mixing a couple tablespoons of Epsom salt to your watering can once or twice a month.
  8. Can’t remember what you planted? Make a journal or map to keep track of what you’ve planted and where. Keeping plant tags can also be helpful.
  9. Adding fresh mulch each year helps soil to retain water and keep weeds at bay.
  10. Water your gardens in the morning or evening. This helps to save water and retain it. Water evaporates much more quickly during the day when it is very hot.

Stop by A Market and to pick up some seedlings from New Roots Farm or high quality organic seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds and see how green your thumb is! Good Luck!