A Market recently teamed up with local supplement manufacturer Megafood (located in Derry, NH) to install a community garden at the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester, NH. This project aims to provide food focused education to children and their families to cure nutritional poverty, and to inspire kids to eat and be healthy!


On June 22nd the A Market crew rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty with volunteers from Megafood and some enthusiastic young people at the Boys & Girls Club. We planted (and tasted) different varieties of lettuce, kale, beautiful rainbow chard, healthy broccoli, lots of amazing culinary herbs, and even a few rows of strawberries!


For us at A Market this is really just the first step. The garden provides a beautiful and exciting focal point from which we are able to build an ongoing relationship with the Boys & Girls Club to better support local kids in improving their food and health awareness and lives as a whole.

We are working (behind the scenes) on some fun things right now to continue to support the project and keep the Club active and involved as the fruits of our labor come to fruition through the summer! Stay tuned for future updates!


“The hanging garden is going great so far! Our younger campers are really enjoying the process!”

-Jennie Pappas, Program Director, Boys & Girls Club of Manchester

“Commitment to the communities we form is one of the Guiding Principles of A Market and this project provides us the opportunity to partner with a local vendor and agency to inspire the families of Manchester to think and live healthy. We believe that educating and engaging children about the benefits of growing and eating healthy, organic food is one of the best ways to impact nutritional choices in the home. We hope this project will prove to be a positive step towards making Manchester a healthier and happier community. Plus it’s a ton of fun to get out and interact with kids whenever possible!”

-Kirk Rawson, Co-Owner, A Market Natural Foods

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