We’re glad you found us! We are a second-generation, family owned, independent natural foods grocery with stores in Manchester, NH and Newport, RI. For 50 years we’ve been your partner in making healthy choices and living a natural life. We love getting to know our customers and communities, so here’s a bit about us so you can do the same.

Our Mission & Commitment
It is our mission to help people on their path to wellness. We are committed to providing superior customer service and to put you, our customer, first. We are driven to fulfill this mission everyday and stand behind it through our Grade “A” Pledge:

To help you achieve wellness by providing personal interaction, ongoing education, and guaranteed satisfaction!

You should expect no less – we should provide even more!

Our Motto & Vision
At A-Market our motto is, “Natural is Normal”.
This single phrase characterizes our vision that everyone needs and deserves pure food and clean products to live a healthy life. Nothing else makes sense. Who said overly processed, artificially enhanced and preserved foods as well as toxic household products should be considered the norm? Not us. We do not offer the alternative – others do! We constantly strive to provide an accessible, inclusive, comfortable and enjoyable shopping environment to help this vision become reality. Our stores will always be free from all the stuff you don’t need and full of all the great things you want!

Our Foundation & Guiding Principles
Our company was founded in 1970 in Manchester, NH as The Nutrition House, a small, family run health food store dedicated to offering natural, healthy products to the community. Not many options existed back then for people searching out alternatives to the mass produced, additive and chemical laden foods becoming more and more prevalent in society. Our founders believed that a diet of basic, wholesome food and nutritional supplements was necessary to prevent and heal many of the health and environmental issues beginning to affect their family, friends and the world at large. These were the early days of the modern natural foods industry, one that today has grown to extraordinary heights. Today, A-Market is proud to carry on this legacy of being at the forefront of the revolution to change the way we think about our food, our health and our world.

The Nutrition House, through name and vision, provided the foundation for the current day A-Market. The four walls of that foundation form our Guiding Principles. They inspire us to remain true to our mission and the commitment we’ve made to our customers.

Belief in a strong Body and mind
This is the Heart of A-Market. It steels us in our dedication to provide the highest quality natural foods, nutritional supplements and wellness information to help people lead healthy lives.

Passion for the Preservation of the planet
This is the Home of A-Market. It inspires us to choose products and services that are organic, environmentally friendly and less impactful on the physical world we all share.

Commitment to the Communities we form
This is the Humanity of A-Market. It compels us to support local vendors and fair trade companies and to give back to the people and places we serve and employ.

Love of all that Life has to offer
This is the Happiness of A-Market. It reminds us to keep everything in perspective and to strive for balance in life.