When the weather heats up, the more you can cook outside the better! If you have never tried grilling fruit, you are really missing out on a delicious combination of sweet and smoky flavors. Here is a recipe for Grilled Peaches and Nectarines. Grilling fruit is easy and fun, and might possibly earn you the title of gourmet chef at the family BBQ.

EASY GRILLED PEACHES & NECTARINESEasy Grilled Peaches & Nectarines


Certified Organic Peaches

Certified Organic Nectarines

Butter or Coconut Oil


Heat grill to medium high heat. Cut Peaches and Nectarines carefully in half and remove the pits (smaller pieces might fall through the grill). Brush flat sides with butter or coconut oil. Grill fruit about 3 minutes per side (flat side first).

Serve with a dollop of your favorite ice cream, yogurt or whipped cream. Top it with a pinch of cinnamon or fresh mint! Yum!