On May 12th, I, the social media intern, took a trip to Benedikt Dairy in Goffstown, NH.  Benedikt Dairy is your ideal local farm. Minutes from Manchester and Concord, Benedikt Dairy is centrally located and open to the public.

Melissa Benedikt greeted me upon my early morning arrival at the farm stand and was more than happy to show me around after finishing her chores. While she finished up, I heard the faint cry of a baby goat that I remembered so well from my own goat-raising days. I wandered over to the stall and she said “You can take them for a walk if you’d like!”

This alone explains the welcoming nature of Benedikt Dairy. Customers coming in to pick up their weekly CSA are treated like family, and you feel at home when walking amongst the kind-eyed jersey cattle.

Melissa and Max have combined their education and experience in organic farming and created one of New Hampshire’s few small, certified organic dairy farms.  With a 35 cattle operation and 600 chickens on pasture, Benedikt Dairy produces a variety of products, best known for their cream top yogurt, milk, greek yogurt, eggs, and my personal favorite, Benedikt Butter. Melissa and Max run this farm with just 4 helpers, and the business’s production has grown tremendously since 2011.

It was great to see some young blood in the farming world, and gives hope for New Hampshire’s farming future with this excellent team at the helm of a thriving operation.

See some of the photos I took while I was visiting below. Learn about our Featured Farmers here.